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The Low Tide Aliens are here to be your guides on your journey. Begin your journey to personal growth.

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Begin Your Journey To Personal Growth

Raise your inner consciousness through this ancient meditative art, connect with your inner child through drawing sacred geometry in sand. Focus your intention on the power of your spirit inspiring healing and mental well-being.

1-on-1 Labyrinth Class

$111 p/hour

You will learn and create your own labyrinth. One of the LTA members will guide you through, offer suggestions or let you perform your own meditation. Drawing and walking the labyrinth itself, is a form of meditation, but some people like to perform a specific pose, do active mantra breathwork, or whatever your heart desires.

Small Group Mandala – Labyrinth Class

$900 from 3 – 9 people

Work hand-in-hand with the Low Tide Aliens, as you learn their tricks of the trade. Learn how they channel their Inspirational Light Codes for a free FLOW artistic expressions that will bring your heart joy while sharing your art with the community.

Labyrinth Yoga Class

$150 individual $282 up to 3 $363 up to 9 people 75-90 min

This is a beautiful beach yoga class that will be taught inside a Mayan labyrinth design. All participants will walk the labyrinth and then will find a comfortable spot to set up their mat for the workout within. One of our gifted instructors will walk the labyrinth and guide you from the center. Ground your feet in the sand, breath in the crisp clean ocean air, connect with mother nature – Gaia. Give thanks while getting a great workout in one of the most beautiful atmospheres.

Labyrinth Qi Gong Flow Class

$150 individual $363 up to 9 people

This is an epic Qi-Flow class that will be taught in a STARSEED Labyrinth by one of our gifted Aliens, guiding you on the journey within the body, mind, spirit. You’ll flow with the goal of slowing down, and balancing both hemispheres.

LTA Corporate Services

Group Growth Activities for Team Bonding

Corporate TEAM Building Event

$2922 up to 20 people 3-4 hours

Work hand in hand with the Low Tide Aliens as your team combines ideas and efforts in sculpting a masterpiece in the sand. Learn layout, design and shading tricks, as tasks are divided up to create a true team building atmosphere and chemistry among the participants. 20 people is the max; larger groups can be split into smaller teams. Low Tide Special scheduling is required. As always, Inquire WITHIN…

Custom Message/Company Logo

Price Varies | Contact to Request Pricing

Do you want the Low Tide Aliens to design a custom piece of art with your Logo, name or symbol? Have LTA design a custom piece with your logo or message. As long as we find you a good human, we will provide our LIGHT. Low Tide Special scheduling required. We only get so many morning low tide canvas opportunities per month, so look ahead. LTA reserves the right to work or refuse service if we don’t agree with the intention or business standards. We work with Light Minded individuals and organizations.

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