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Join us is bridging the metaphysical internal and external world while promoting mental health and physical well-being. The worlds first member’s only live Sand Art where membership is purchased on the blockchain as a Non-Fungible-Token (NFT) and owned by the holder to gain access to future labyrinth and mandala patterns.

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$27.27 / month

Finally took time to meditate at sunset in a piece of our Art. Very grateful to sun gaze at sunset with breath work.

Seed of life magic carpet ride.

Comes with a special Colored Version Limited Print (white, turquoise, yellow and multi color pink/purple/blue one).

Low Tide Aliens are about to launch!

Created on Jan 21 2021 By Goaldheart and Saneking at Newport Beach Pier, CA.

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“Life is a journey, with each day presenting an opportunity to make the future better than the past. Whether that means success at new endeavors, losing bad habits, trying new things, or just finding peace and serenity in focusing inward instead of outward, being purposeful about what we do is the key. After all, life is brilliant, so spend it wisely.”

Goald Heart


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