NFT Based Labyrinth Art

Bridging the metaphysical internal and external world while promoting mental health and physical well-being.

Our Belief

Finding Balance & Peace

Low Tide Aliens is bridging the metaphysical internal and external world while promoting mental health and physical well-being with NFT based Labyrinth Art. The worlds first member’s only live Sand Art where membership is purchased on the blockchain as a Non-Fungible-Token (NFT) and owned by the holder to gain access to future labyrinth and mandala patterns, and much more.

And coming up, soon you will be able to get your own Low Tide Alien Avatar with 4th, 5th, and 6th dimension AI as part of your membership.

Our Mission

Helping the World on their journey to finding Balance AND Peace

How It Works

For LTA members gain access to private NFT mint rounds, exclusive raffles and event pop-ups


Discover what it means to become and LTA member and the utility behind our NFT’s

Member’s Club

LTA Membership Benefits

Private Access

Access to private mint rounds on our most rare tokens

Exclusive Raffles

Access to exclusive raffles of LTA 3rd party projects or brands

Event Pop-ups

Access to our healing event pop-ups both physical and virtual

Healing Team Support

Access to our healing sources and materials for your own balance and peace exercises

Low Tide Aliens Spotted in Newport Beach, CA

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Low Tide / Full Moon Events

Newport Beach

Two Low Tide Aliens were spotted tatooing sacred geometry QR light codes south of the pier In Newport Beach a few days ago. There were also recent sightings in Huntington Beach. Authorities got these images to identify them. They were last seen flying away in this Icosahedron Space ship. But they apparently have multiple vehicles, as flying Merkabas have also been spotted, along with a Heart Labyrinth space ship. If you have any downloads or light language information please contact your local beach city.

Huntington Beach

Chance to see the Low Tide Aliens in Action at the US Surf Open.
Known to arrive around dawn, they launch their creative launchpads.

Capturing this moment of activation with the power of creation.

Transferring mystical information.

Bringing Light Language to the nation.

Life is a Labyrinth!
Life is amazement!
Life is a maze meant!

– Conduit


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