Experience The Connection

Many cultures around the world celebrate the creation of mandalas as an art form as well as a way to meditate and heal.

Join us as we create unique designs at the waters edge, opening up a connection with ourselves and our mother earth and ocean; a sacred place where we detach from the material world and align ourselves with the cycles of nature through sand art.

Benefits of creating mandala sand art with

Low Tide Aliens:

  • Connect with natural cycles of moon and tides
  • Find and orient yourself with the design
  • Appreciate the transience of life, beauty, and art
  • Align with nature and disconnect from ego
  • Relieve tension, anxiety, fear, and worry
  • Relax and heal the mind, body, and soul
  • Stimulate creative thinking and problem solving
  • Practice working in groups for a common goal
  • Learn about sacred geometry and ancient healing rituals
  • Gain a new sense of harmony and perspective
  • Have fun, enjoy the moment and learn to let go

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